Inulta Helps Philip Morris International Streamline Financial Planning with CCH Tagetik 

  • Team Inulta

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    Inulta Team

Philip Morris International (PMI), a leading multinational cigarette and tobacco manufacturing company, wanted to streamline their financial planning processes and improve decision-making across all business units. The company needed a flexible and robust Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software solution that could automate financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, and consolidation processes. That’s when they turned to CCH Tagetik, the premier CPM software, to help them achieve their goals. 

Inulta’s technical consultants worked closely alongside Philip Morris International, together with Satriun and CCH Tagetik teams to develop and support financial transformation activities in a flexible and iterative manner.

The goal was to fully transform the office of finance activities and ensure consistency of the framework across all business units. The technical expertise of Inulta’s consultants made it possible to achieve tight deadlines and manage a heavy workload.  

Several PMI financial planning streams were automatised or are in the process of being automatised by using the CCH Tagetik tool. Inulta’s consultants provided valuable insights and recommendations to help PMI gain speed, get agile, standardize processes and reduce the number of systems.  

Overall, Inulta’s technical expertise and business domain expertise helped PMI achieve their financial transformation goals. By providing the right software solutions for real-time, robust, and relevant decision-making, Inulta helped finance, supply chain, and sales management drive innovation and enable digital transformation at PMI.