Inulta introduces CCH Tagetik from Wolters Kluwer to Romania

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    Inulta Team

Game-changing CPM (Corporate Performance Management) software helps the Office of Finance to capitalize on advanced, automated consolidation, budgeting, and forecasting capabilities.

“The last two years shifted the status quo to the point where many CFOs realize that the traditional approach to forecasting and budgeting is no longer a viable option in a climate of increased volatility and shifting paradigms. Inulta steps in to showcase solutions that accommodate the growing demand for financial solutions and support Romanian Finance leaders’ need to accelerate the pace of transformation required to face these new unexpected and evolving challenges,” says Valentin Bratu, Managing Partner Inulta.

“With their local expertise, knowledge and service, Inulta has been highly successful in implementing CCH Tagetik products worldwide. Its knowledge of the CCH Tagetik expert solution combined with its understanding of individual business sectors and best practices has made it a reseller to indirect channels with exceptional potential,” said Silvia Bartelloni, Indirect Channel Leader EMEA & LATAM, CCH® Tagetik at Wolters Kluwer.

The CCH Tagetik CPM solution unifies planning, consolidation, reporting, strategic initiatives, analysis, and data on a single financial platform, so that the Office of Finance can align financial and operational activities company-wide for an integrated business plan across all cost-centers and departments. Furthermore, it enables CFOs to feel the pulse of their corporate performance, while equipping their teams with the tools to create budgets, plans, models and forecasts in real time.

According to a recent study, 78% of Romanian Finance leaders expect to assume an increasing business partner strategic role in their organization, and consider that they will be more involved in strategy development and execution within the next three years. However, many large companies are still using Excel-based planning solutions, which are limiting and time consuming, often incurring severe penalties in costly delays, lack of flexibility and robustness. The Office of Finance needs solutions that will optimize the decision making process and reflect the agility and speed needed to stay ahead of both the competition and the prevalent uncertainty. It is time to embrace digitization, predictive analytics, automated report distribution, and real time “what if” analysis.

Inulta implements the CCH Tagetik CPM software platform to address customer requirements for Financial Consolidation, Planning, Statutory Reporting (IFRS16, IFRS17, ESMA EBA XBRL), ESG, and Supply Chain Planning.

Armed with expert level technical competences, proven strategies, and predefined industry starter kits, Inulta is simplifying the adoption process to provide a cost benefit solution for corporate planning needs, to ensure real-time, robust, and relevant decision-making. Inulta has achieved CCH Tagetik Platinum Partner status by delivering hundreds of solutions to both domestic and international clients, providing financial, operational, and statutory reporting automations using world-class software platforms to companies such as Renault, Credit Agricole, CertainTeed, House of HR, Bi-State Development.